The garden awakens

Finally! Since the beginning of May can the Slow Food Youth Network Bergen proudly call a small piece of earth its territory with freedom of action to get a small but fine ‘urban garden’ started. Not right in the P1070593 (2)middle of the city in a public surrounding as it was originally our dream, but just a little outside between the ‘Storelungårdsvann’ and the foot of mount Ulriken- even better.

At the first weekend of the month did the boys of the team a great job with digging, fertilizing and planting straw- and raspberries. They also seeded salad, pumpkins, carrots, cauliflower, beetroot and other vegetables. It rained unfortunately quite a lot the week after- let’s hope, the seeds didn’t drown! The weeds at least grow and flourish… And as the strong rain also uncovered a lot of stones, it was an easy job to just pick them up from the ground afterwards to make our garden more and more stone-free.

On the last weekend than could I next to spinach and spinach beet also seed some flowers, called “Tagetes”. They not just smell and look nice but also upgrade the soil structure. Every possible spot has now been used for seeding something, but there will be a lot more things to plant and seed once some daffodils have moved out in the future! To wait for the vegetables to grow will cost some patience now; the rhubarb in contrast can already be harvested: “Best before 24.6.”! Afterwards will it become a lot more sour (oxalic acid will rise).

It’s already now fantastic to spend some time in the garden and see nature awaking. We got even already some pets: a magpie-couple calls the Parsell obviously its home and also snails and spiders love to visit us.

(Text and photos by Freya)

P1070679   P1070697 P1070688 P1070722 P1070709P1070710 P1070707 P1070700

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