Time to Celebrate Terra Madre Day

The Terra Madre Day, celebrated on December 10th each year, always marks a special date in the SlowFoodies calendar. We moved that date up to November 23 and came together to share homecooked meals at Lysverket in Bergen.

Anyway, a lot is happening today around the world, and maybe you can find an event near you. But first, let’s explain a little more about Terra Madre Day.

The Terra Madre network is made up of farmers, fishers, food producers and cooks who with their vision and knowledge work to promote a new kind of gastronomy, founded on biodiversity protection, environmental conservation and respect for local cultures and traditions. The network, spread across 150 countries, tackles a wide range of problems, proposing effective solutions that are based on local places, landscapes and the preservation of plant varieties, animal breeds and the local culinary cultures that over time have allowed natural resources to be maintained without being spoiled.

As well as fieldwork and finding solutions for challenges, the Terra Madre network also represents union, conviviality and enjoying together the fruits of the land. Terra Madre Day offers a chance to celebrate together, all around the world. Held every year on December 10, the event serves as an important opportunity to pay tribute to local food and highlight the issues that are most meaningful to Slow Food, like forgotten foods and foods at risk of extinction, sustainability and authenticity in food production and attention towards the consumption of meat, energy and resources in general.

The seventh Terra Madre Day is your chance to be in touch with other communities around the world and get to know the planet’s biodiversity, currently under serious threat. We invite everyone, members and non-members, to join us on this international day of celebration and joy. The focus, as always, will be local food, and, as always, it can be celebrated in a thousand different ways: with picnics, debates, farmers’ markets, conferences or even a simple dinner with friends.

Get involved on December 10! Find an event close to you or create one, simple or elaborate, large or small, based on your interests, creativity and availability. This year there’s no need to register your event on the website, rather let us know what you’ve got cooking by posting on our Facebook page dedicated to the event! On the site www.slowfood.com you can find inspiration by reading about past editions and also download the official graphics.

Our convivia are the building blocks of our movement: We would like to see all of you represented on Terra Madre Day!

Website: http://www.slowfood.com/
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events
Hashtags: #TerraMadreDay #TMD2015

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